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Infotex has been leveraging our clients’ investment in Information Technology for 31 years. Since 1987 Infotex has specialized in High-Tech consulting.

Located in Los Angeles California.

With 31 years of experience in the Industry, ranging from Sales to Programming, this company has in-depth knowledge and respect for all phases of the Software Development process. System integration, Application development, and Requirements Analysis have been the core services provided since 1987. We are resourceful, organized, results-oriented, and adept at utilizing new concepts and emerging technologies.

Time And Expertise

As veterans of this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, the people at Infotex have witnessed over two decades of trends and fluctuations and have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the most important technologies, both past and present. This level of experience and expertise gives the people at Infotex an intuitive understanding of the emerging technologies and new strategies that will help push your business past the competition.

“Leverage your Investment in Information Technology”

Many businesses today have already made huge investments in powerful technology, hoping to increase efficiency and surpass their competition, but most fail to use this technology to its potential. Infotex wants to leverage your investment in Information Technology by analyzing how to best make use of your current system and enhance your performance with emerging technologies.

Adapt/Absorb/Utilize Emerging Technologies

Because of the constantly evolving nature of the IT industry, the market is always saturated with new products, many of which could be of great value to your company. We at Infotex pay close attention to these emerging technologies, and by analyzing your specific needs, we are able to seamlessly adapt the newest and most versatile products to your current system to help you achieve your goals.

Identification of services and support needs

Infotex doesn’t simply work with technology, but with the people who rely on this technology to keep their business running. Since 1987, we have been applying technology to solve business problems. Our understanding of the wide variety of business needs allows us to identify and analyze the specific services and support needs of our clients and customize a plan to meet them.

Training Programming Support and Counseling

Leveraging your investment in information technology doesn’t just mean maximizing the efficiency and capabilities of your technology, it means gaining the technical and practical knowledge needed to work with your optimized system. Our customer service sets us apart from other consultants who may equip your company with valuable hardware and software but fail to effectively train the people who will be using the technology every day. Our goal at Infotex is to design a system to meet your specific needs and provide the necessary training to keep that system up and running.

Critical Problem Identification

Your business depends on a variety of technologies that will run smoothly most of the time, but serious problems do occur. When this happens, you need a consultant with the ability to both identify critical problems and solve them in a timely manner. With decades of experience in networking and systems integration, and comprehensive knowledge of the hardware and software your company is using, Infotex has the technical skills and expertise to identify critical problems and restore your system to working order quickly.